Interior and exterior decoration is the most vital task once your home gets constructed. It is important to add some aesthetic and monetary value to the wooden or brick structure. You should pay strong attention to each design and decoration aspect. This includes wall decoration, flooring and painting.

The Purpose of Interior and Exterior Decoration

The main goal of interior and exterior decoration is to increase property value. Collaborating with experienced decorators in Newton Abbot can add instant value to the property. The key to maintaining the modified look is steady upkeep and maintenance.

How Property Decor Influences Your Property Value

Here are a few crucial decorative elements that can enhance your property value:

1. The Use of Temporary Fixtures: Installing permanent fixtures to enhance the utility of a room is a bygone practice. These are crucial elements that contribute to the structural strength. Trying to break the existing fixture can weaken the structural integrity of the property. For this reason, most interior decorators vouch for temporary fixtures in modern architecture.

2. Custom External Design: Designing your home’s facade is vital for an enhanced resale value. There is a higher chance that the property’s street presence would attract the potential buyer. To reach this goal, you must invest in customised designs. Cladding materials can help define the appeal of the external and internal setting. This adds more depth and character to your property.

3. Timber Floors: Depending on your budget, you can choose different types of timber flooring. Whether you choose solid or engineered flooring, the value of your property will increase drastically. The price of installing solid timber flooring depends greatly on panel width and timber species. You can also try engineered timber in case you lack a budget. It generally has a top layer of a few millimetres of solid timber; the rest is all plywood.

4. Smart, Energy-Efficient Appliances: In modern house decor, the incorporation of a smart home cannot be ignored. It is backed by modern technology and makes a property more productive and efficient. You can vouch for smart appliances to appropriately design the home for the future.

These are a few home decor techniques that can make your property more valuable. To get the job done by a professional team of home decorators in Newton Abbot, consult Durie’s Decoration Services. We are a prominent name in painting and decorating services in the area. If you want to know more about our services, check out our website today.